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Into the Forest by Wild Weston Photography

Into the Forest by Wild Weston Photography

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Into the Forest by Wild Weston Photography

15" x 10" nature wood (fruitwood color) with acrylic glazing framed print.

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About the photo:

"The backcountry can come in all forms of shapes and sizes. From snow-capped mountains to dry desert canyons, it is hard for a true adventurer to pick an absolute favorite. Personally, I find that there is always something special about being in the timber surrounded by pines. The aroma this forest gives off will make you completely forget about how strong your cell phone signal is and wander why you don’t eat more granola. There are many different settings out in the wilderness that will yield you to take a deep breath to be present in the moment and this is definitely one of them. This photograph was taken in September of 2022 while on a four-day solo backpacking trip in The Dolly Sods Wilderness of West Virginia." - Weston Homa

Photo of the photographer:

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