Planting trees whose shade I'll never know

Planting trees whose shade I'll never know

"Planting trees whose shade I'll never know"

This quote rings true in the conservation world. All of the effort, time and money that is poured into creating new habitat, purchasing public land, working with private land owners takes years to show changes. As humans in a fast paced world we are always looking for immediate response to our actions. It is imperative that we realize this to keep high hopes for the success of these projects.


For example, cutting a forest for grouse and woodcock habitat takes roughly 5 years for woodcock to start utilizing the young and healthy forest and even longer for grouse to take hold. Once the forest is a useable age for wildlife, it will provide for many years to come.


While working on habitat projects, just remember it is for a better tomorrow not today. However, you can take instant pride in knowing you did the right thing and helping out where you can.

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