From Candle to ???

From Candle to ???

It is our goal at Camp Co. to donate as much money to Conservation and other similar organizations each year. As part of this we find create ways to help raise this money, from 10% of our monthly sales, fitness challenges and gift donations for banquets.

Now we are trying something new. Have you heard of the Paper Clip Challenge, where you start with a paper clip and trade/barter your way to more expensive items? Well, we are going to start with a custom candle and see where that takes us. The last date for a trade will be 1/31/2024. Follow along on this journey because at the end we will sell the final item and donate all of the money raised to conservation!

We will be updating this blog and our social media with all of the items traded along the way.

The first item is a 16 oz. Pumpkin Muffin Candle ($24.99 value)

Item #2: 24" Barnwood Canada Goose Wall Art ($39.99 value)

Item #3: Clothes Dryer ($100 value)

Item #4: Power tool bundle (jig saw, circular saw, palm sander, oscillating tool) ($140 value)

Item #5: Stihl Chainsaw ($175 value)

Item #6: Lifetime Paddleboard (Sold for $250)

The $250 from the sale of the paddleboard has been donated to Wilhelm Chapter of NWTF.

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